Ladder Accessories

Standard Ladder Stay

Product Code SSL SLS 01
  • Universal fitting to any class of ladder. 
  • Improves safety by allowing user to by-pass obstacles. 
  • Quickly attached to ladder and secured with strong spring hook. 
  • Ideal accessory for gutter work and above. 
  • Manufactured from lightweight aluminium, weighing 1.2 kls. 
  • Keeps ladder 300mm off the wall. 
  • 2 rubber pads on face to increase grip

 Download Standard Ladder Stay Data Sheet

V-Universal Ladder Stay

Product Code SSL VLS 01
  • Universal fitting to any class of ladder.
  • V section allows spanning of downpipes and to rest on corners of buildings.
  • Keeps ladder 300m from wall.
  • 2 rubber pads on face to increase grip and prevent damage.
  • Quickly attached to ladder and secured with strong spring hook.
  • Manufactured from lightweight aluminium, weighing 1.3 kls

 Download V Universal Ladder Stay Data Sheet

Ladder Lock

Product Code SSL LL 001

  • Universal design that allows safe storage of most ladders
  • Height 280mm x Length 280mm x Width 21mm
  • Easy to fit instructions
  • Comes complete with laminated steel padlock
  • Powder coated to resist all weather conditions
  • Weight 5 kilos
  • Manufactured from 21mm x 5.5mm steel bar
  • Convenient and lightweight

 Download Ladder Lock Data Sheet

Mini Ladder Stay

Product Code SSL MLS 001

  • Universal fitting for any class of ladder
  • Quickly attached to ladder and secured with strong spring hook
  • Allows ladder to clear obstacles such as window sills, allowing the ladder to reach higher
  • Ideal for window cleaners and maintenance contractors
  • Manufactured from lightweight aluminium, weighing 1.7 kilos
  • Durable but soft finish wheels to avoid possibility of damage

 Download Mini Ladder Stay Data Sheet

Roof Ladder Clamp

Product Code SSL RC 100

  • Universal design fits ladder sections up to 380mm wide
  • Can secure up to three 2 section, and two 2 section ladders at one time
  • Threaded hook will allow approx 275mm off adjustment
  • Can be padlocked on roof of car for extra security
  • Durable all weather finish

 Download Roof Ladder Clamp Data Sheet

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